Community Oncologist

Would you offer Osmertinib for resected Adeno EGFR exon 19 (AJCC 8TH EDITION): pT2a pN0 based on pleural invasion with size of 1.8 cm after Chemotherapy with neg ctDNA after surgery?

Lung Cancer Specalist

I just saw a patient like this today who is on post op osimertinib. there is an NCDB study which suggests that small tumors less than 3cm might not have the same higher risk of recurrence with pleural invasion as larger tumors. was the ctDNA positive preoperatively? certainly encouraging it is negative but we do not yet have any information on ctDNA from the ADAURA post op osimertinib trial. In this case, you can get it approved and I would have a risk benefit discussion with the patient. He or she might decline based on expected side effects and hopefully low risk of cancer recurrence or be very anxious about cancer recurrence and chose to try it.