5 Ways Primum Empowers Hem/Onc Fellows
John Syme

In his recent piece, Dr. Kurian, a Primum member and former fellow at University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University, states, “Hematology/oncology is exploding with new and exciting developments each day. If one does not enjoy consistently learning, changing, and adapting, then this field will become a difficult one to keep up with. To become a good hematologist and oncologist, one needs to develop the foundation and principles of a thorough and skilled internist.”

Hematology/oncology fellows often seek sources of information that give them an edge while navigating through years of clinical and research training. Primum has emerged as a powerful ally, offering invaluable benefits that enhance future oncologists’ learning experiences. Here are five key advantages Primum provides hematology/oncology fellows, with insights from some of Primum’s users.

1. A Specialist's Gut Check:

Hematology/oncology's complex and ever-changing landscape can create uncertainty in even the most experienced specialist.  For a fellow, receiving a gut check on your treatment approach from a specialist is invaluable. Primum connects fellows with seasoned experts who can offer guidance, review proposed treatment plans, and provide alternative ideas. Dr. Smith, a recent fellowship graduate from Boston Medical Center, attests, “In my third year of fellowship, I am confident in most of my treatment decisions, but when I encounter a case where I am uncertain, Primum is my number one resource to quickly share my thinking to align it with a seasoned specialist’s recommendation.”

2. Expanding Treatment Perspectives:

Discovering how other cancer centers treat certain patients broadens hematology/oncology fellows' horizons. Primum facilitates networking and knowledge-sharing, letting fellows explore diverse treatment approaches and gain valuable peer insights from different institutions. Dr. Al Saheli, a Henry Ford Cancer Institute oncology fellow, affirms, "Primum allows fellows to ask questions outside of their own center, exposing them to different treatment strategies and modalities. It is an excellent source for continuous learning."

3. Guilt-Free Questioning:

Fellows often experience a sense of guilt over bombarding attendings or peers with numerous questions. Primum provides a sanctuary for fellows to ask questions and eliminates shame by offering a forum dedicated to answering them. Dr. Al Homssi, a fellow at Medical College Wisconsin, highlights, "Primum allows me to indulge my curiosity without feeling I am pestering the attendings.

4. Swift Access to Answers:

Oncologists face a challenging and dynamic environment that demands quick and accurate information. Primum is a platform that connects fellows with experts who can provide timely and reliable feedback on their queries, helping fellows make informed decisions and deliver optimal patient care. With a median response time of only 2.5 hours in May 2023, Primum lets fellows leverage the expertise of others to inform treatment decisions or guide further literature review.

5. Building a Network:

Creating a robust professional network is paramount for career success in hematology/oncology. Primum is a catalyst for networking, fostering connections between fellows and specialists from diverse backgrounds and geographies. This network expands professional horizons and opens doors to future collaborations and research opportunities.

Primum is a helpful tool for hematology/oncology fellows. The platform offers an array of benefits that enhance the fellow’s learning journey. Fellows can receive expert guidance, gain an expanded treatment perspective, eliminate the guilt of asking questions, obtain fast answers, and build a network. Primum is a reliable companion in their pursuit of excellence. As the oncology community attests, Primum empowers fellows by accelerating their growth and ultimately contributes to improved patient care and outcomes.

John Syme

John is Primum's Chief of Staff. Prior to Primum, he was a Boston-based life science consultant for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Corey Zankowski

Corey is Primum's CEO. Prior to leading Primum, he was an accomplished C-Suite executive with 20+ years' experience in the highly competitive oncology medical device industry.