Introducing Primum
John Syme

If you are like most community oncologists, you are busy with your first patient from 8:30 am until your last patient at 6 pm. On a typical day, you shift focus between cancers of the lung, breast, and colon; and from Multiple Myeloma to DLBCL.  And things will continue to get more hectic because cancer patient volumes are predicted to increase ~50% by 2050 (1).  When every decision you make can impact the lives of patients and their families, how can you ensure you make the best decisions? Where can you find answers to your most challenging clinical questions? 

Oncologists have told us the current approach to seeking knowledge doesn’t work. It takes a lot of precious time to search through medical journals and news articles for valuable information on how to best treat the patients you see.  Because medical knowledge doubles roughly every 2.5 months, there is never enough time to keep up with every novel diagnostic, therapeutic, or change in guidelines.

As a thoughtful oncologist, you do what you can to focus on the cancers you treat most often.  For the rest, you need quick answers to questions like the following:

Primum’s goal is to make it easier to find the knowledge you need for your most complex cases. Our platform connects you with peer specialists who can help you deliver better care in your community. 

We see Primum as a better, easier way to consult with top oncologists, confident that they will respond in time.  With Primum, you’re not alone. As a beta user with Primum, you will receive free guidance within 48 hours.

Primum Beta will initially support the following diseases, but we are planning to expand to other cancer types as well:

These diseases have a wide variety of treatment options (e.g., SCT, CAR-T, biologics), and they are systemic at diagnosis. We chose these cancers because they are uncommon (not rare) and complex. More importantly, we chose them because oncologists suggested we start here.

Primum will help you get the right knowledge, from the right sub-specialist, at the right time. We understand that sometimes even the experts need experts.

We are looking forward to launching in June 2022. If you’d like to join the community, please click here or reach out with questions at



John Syme

John is Primum's Chief of Staff. Prior to Primum, he was a Boston-based life science consultant for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.