Spotlight on Primum's Benign Hematology Specialists
John Syme

Community oncologists have a big job. 

They are on the frontline of not only malignant hematology but, also, benign hematology. Benign hematology is a broad term for non-malignant blood conditions, such as clotting disorders, bleeding disorders, anemias, and thrombocytopenia [1]. When community oncologists encounter a benign hematology case, they turn to their usual sources: UpToDate, PubMed, guidelines, and benign hematologists for curbside consults. 

However, there is a dearth of benign hematologists with whom to consult. Of the 20% of hematology/oncology fellowship graduates that pursue an academic career with a clinical research focus, fewer than 6% chose a career in benign hematology [2]. As a result, many community oncologists don’t have somebody to turn to for benign hematology inquiries. To better support our community oncology members, Primum added 3 benign hematology specialists to the platform.

Benign Hematology Specialist Overview

Dr. Hillary Maitland

Dr. Maitland is an Associate Professor focusing on benign hematology at the UVA Cancer Center. She treats patients across benign hematologic conditions, and has a specific emphasis on bleeding disorders.

Her 3 most recent published pieces focused on:

Dr. Leonard Naymagon

Dr. Naymagon is an Assistant Professor focusing on benign hematology at Mount Sinai. His research is concentrated on venous thrombosis, adult HLH, and thrombotic and hemorrhagic complications of blood cancers.

His 3 most recent published pieces focused on:

Dr. Yazan Abou-Ismail

Dr. Abou-Ismail is an Assistant Professor focusing on benign hematology at the Huntsman Cancer Institute / University of Utah. He has a special interest in hemostasis and thrombosis disorders.

His 3 most recent published pieces focused on:

Benign Hematology Inquiry Types

Primum's benign hematology specialists guide community oncologists across a wide variety of clinical scenarios, including:

The following is an example of an inquiry discussed with Primum's benign hematology panel.

Case Example: Treatment recommendation for complicated case of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)

Connect with Benign Hematology Specialists on Primum

If you are uncertain about how to treat your next benign hematology patient, would like to double-check your diagnosis or treatment approach, or otherwise run a case by a benign hematologist, the specialists on Primum are available to connect. 

Primum wants to a trusted source of information near the point of care. Let’s work together to arm you with the best information possible as you care for your patients. Kindly visit us here.


[1] Ma, A., "Benign Hematology Isn't So Benign", ASH Clinical News Editor's Corner, July 2015

[2] Green, J, “Adult Nonmalignant Hematology is an Endangered Field That Merits Protection”, Oncology Live Vol 22/No 1, 21 January, 2021

John Syme

John is Primum's Chief of Staff. Prior to Primum, he was a Boston-based life science consultant for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.