Primum expanded to include lung cancer specialists
John Syme

Per feedback from our community of oncologist members, Primum has added support for lung cancer virtual curbside consults.

Why did we add lung cancer specialists?

Approximately 240,000 lung cancer cases were forecasted to be diagnosed in 2022, comprising roughly 12% of all incident cancer cases.1 This incidence translates to lung cancer being the 3rd most common form of cancer in the US. Despite, its relative commonality the 5-year survival rate of lung cancer is lower than other malignancies. For example, Multiple Myeloma has a 58% 5-year survival rate whereas the 5-year relative survival rate of lung cancer is ~23%2. This lower survival rate highlights the fast-moving nature of lung cancer.

Lung cancer treatment is an essential focus of community oncologists. The treatment paradigm is driven by using diagnostic tests to identify genetic mutations that can be targeted with chemotherapy. As a result, we’ve heard that Primum could assist when using the results of diagnostic tests to create a patient treatment plan. Also, Primum could be helpful when determining which therapeutic option to use given recent approvals, like the recent pembrolizumab approval (See links to Twitter discussion about this approval here and here).

To answer lung cancer questions, Primum has added the following medical oncology specialists:

Dr. Mary Fidler

Dr. Goetz Kloecker, MBA, MSPH 

Dr. Raja Mudad 

Dr. Mark Socinski

Additionally, Primum has added a number of thoracic radiation oncologists to answer community member questions:

Dr. Dwight Heron

Dr. Shruti Jolly

Types of inquiries our lung cancer specialists have received

These specialists have provided advice to Primum community members across the following clinical scenarios:

To view more examples questions from Primum, check out our inquiries page or join the platform and enjoy our content library (login and select “Library”).

Connect with lung cancer specialists on Primum

Our lung cancer specialists are ready to receive your patient questions. They are able to answer patient-specific questions related to recurrence, toxicology, or comorbidity profiles. 

With Primum, you gain a trusted source of information near the point of care. We are excited to continue to work together to arm you with the best information possible as you care for your patients. Learn more here.


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John Syme

John is Primum's Chief of Staff. Prior to Primum, he was a Boston-based life science consultant for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.